You Always Never Know…

A few years back, I watched and listened to one of my mentors “Coach Tomer” on one of our Saturday leadership shows.  Coach wore a t-shirt that read “You Always Never Know”.  Coach explained where and how that quote came about and what it really meant.  It was a remarkable story…

What I took from the message he shared with us and that I’m sharing with you is…

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you said or felt “I can’t, I feel like quitting, I can’t go on or This ain’t for me”, Coach’s response was You Always Never Know. 

It is a very compelling statement once you think about it.  It’s not just about business, it’s about life in general.  If you fall (and you will), simply pick yourself up, dust yourself off and just keep going and pushing forward.  The very next step that you take could be the one that turns your entire life and family’s lives around for generations to come.

Here an excellent example:  Babe Ruth, one of Major League Baseball’s (MLB) all-time home run sluggers, led MLB in home runs and strike outs.  He never knew if he was going to hit one out of the park or strike out.  His job was to continue stepping into the batter’s box to take his swings and hacks.  He ALWAYS never knew!

The moral or what you should take from this is:  Don’t quit, don’t ever give up, because the next time you step to the plate, it could possibly be your time to shine and hit that grand slam home run that takes you to the top, the tip-top, the very top. 

“You Always Never Know” Coach J.L. Tomer, April 14th 2008

To your tremendous success…and

“Never, Never, Never Give Up” Winston Churchill

Frank McMillon "The WOW" Factor

The Top Ten Reasons Working for Someone Else Is Not Smart**Reason # 10: You’ll spend 90,000 hours of your life working for someone else so you’ll get a gold watch and a really cool part-time job at Wal-Mart as a greeter.

**Reason # 9: Working about 40 hours a week, you’ll spend 2,000 hours a year working for your employer. In exchange you’ll get 80 hours of vacation time absolutely FREE!

**Reason # 8: It’s been a rough day. You’re home relaxing, watching “America’s Most Wanted” on TV and, to your horror, you realize the babysitter you leave your precious children with each and every day is on the FBI Top Ten Most Wanted list!

**Reason #7: You get up when you don’t want to, drive someplace you don’t want to go, and make a living working with people you really don’t like.

**Reason # 6: Would you be wearing something different if they didn’t tell you how to dress?

**Reason # 5: Your company may think it’s really cool to let you go. “Newsweek” Magazine says firing people has gotten to be trendy in corporate America.

**Reason # 4: Asking for time off is too much like asking your parents for permission.

**Reason # 3: Good News. You’ve survived the downsizing. The bad news is that you have to go home and tell the family you’re being transferred to a country you did not know existed.

**Reason # 2: Elephants work for peanuts – why should you?  Shouldn’t you be paid what you’re really worth?

**Reason # 1: Yes, the Number 1 reason why working for someone else is just plain dumb: this is America and you don’t have to! 

Yes, America is still the land of great opportunity but it’s just not in the same place you’re used to looking.  You know, people who work half as hard as you do, and are earning great part-time incomes, taking dream vacations and even making fistfuls of money.  What’s your excuse for not building your own successful business?  What have you got to lose except a BOSS?  Perhaps we can add another reason to this list.  Why work for someone else, when you can work for yourself doing something you LOVE – sharing the joy and excitement of shopping and travel for fun and profit?  If you still haven’t made the decision to become a home-based business owner, why not make today the day. CLICK HERE, and discover why we’re so Flat Out Excited!

Check in with you later!

Frank McMillon "The WOW" Factor

This posting was orignally made on my My Space profile and blog on June 02, 2007.  I felt it necessary to share it with you here…have an awesome day!